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Our Studios

  • Ceramics


    Develop your creativity through the exploration of clay! We offer a range of classes to assist beginning to advanced students in developing skills, practicing new methods and techniques in pottery, and nurturing creativity and mastery.

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  • Culinary Arts

    Culinary Arts

    Sink your teeth into a variety of food preparation techniques and learn from experienced culinary artists how to make the most of fresh fruits and vegetables, ferment produce for pickled treats or tasty beverages or how to bake mouth-watering desserts and decorate them so they are stunning!

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  • Jewelry


    Our unique program in jewelry design and fabrication maximizes an exceptionally well-equipped jewelry studio to appeal to the beginning student as well as to the professional jeweler.

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  • Mixed Media

    Mixed Media

    Explore a rich variety of craft methods and media through workshops and classes that include everything from macrame, printmaking (block print and silkscreen), book design, mosaics, collage and decoupage!

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  • Surfboard Shaping

    Surfboard Shaping

    Learn the exciting craft of surfboard shaping! Under the supportive guidance of an experienced shaper, you will go through the step-by-step process of transforming a foam blank into a surfboard you can ride!

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  • Textiles


    Learn the art and craft of weaving, decorating or dying textiles. The warp and weft of your world will never look the same again. Classes and workshops cover a variety of topics including natural dye, weaving, embroidery, fancy stitching, silkscreening and more. Offerings change regularly so there’s always something new for you to try out!

  • Woodworking


    Expand your ability to explore form and function by learning how to make things out of wood! Our woodworking program focuses on small projects/kit work to maximize opportunities for beginning students to safely learn their way around the tools and equipment in a woodshop.

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