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Donate to the Craft Center

At the UC San Diego Craft Center, inspiration and creativity converge. Bathed in natural light, this vibrant 11,000-square-foot space serves as a hub for students, staff, faculty, and the wider community to explore, celebrate, and collaborate on artistic journeys.

Our accomplished instructors team up with student learners to unlock their potential. From ceramics and jewelry making to woodworking, culinary arts, mixed-media, surfboard shaping, and more, the Craft Center nurtures hands-on creation, provides a break from the pressures of life, and fosters a vibrant arts community.

Join us in igniting creativity on campus. Explore the various funds below to discover how you can contribute to this legacy of artistry.

Craft Center Programmatic Fund

The Craft Center Programmatic Fund fuels the annual operations of the Craft Center. Your contribution powers our day-to-day activities, retains our accomplished instructors, and ensures access to quality art supplies and state-of-the-art equipment. This fund is the driving force that makes every visit a memorable experience for our students.


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craft center endowment

C.R.A.F.T. Endowment

The Creatively Realizing Art and Fun Together (C.R.A.F.T.) Endowment fuels the Crafty Hour workshops at the Craft Center. This series of engaging, hands-on workshops, steered by artist-instructor Kim Hillman, offers a unique opportunity for students to discover their creativity, make connections, and form friendships in a safe and welcoming environment. Crafty Hour workshop offerings range from Tile Glazing, Lei Making, Ceramic Pots to Journal, Card, and Jewelry Making, and they're all made possible through your support.


Marko Wolfinger Surfboard Shaping Studio

With five, fully operational shaping bays, students with any level of experience can design, shape and create their very own surfboard with one-on-one tutelage from a professional surfboard shaper.  Currently, there is no resource quite like this in the world.

The Wolfinger family’s generous donation endowed the Marko Wolfinger Surfboard Shaping Studio and launched a matching Inspiration Challenge. With your contribution, we will be able to maintain studio operations, equipment and supplies to support broad student participation and the recruitment of renowned shaping mentors who will train the next generation of instructors.


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Craft Center Capital Project

The Craft Center Capital Fund sustains the physical infrastructure of our center. From custom surfboard shaping bays to an expansive ceramic arts studio with over a dozen potter’s wheels, these spaces need regular maintenance and upgrades to remain vibrant and functional.