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Classes and Workshops

Schedule & Registration

The UC San Diego Craft Center offers a variety of quarterly classes and workshops as well as demonstrations, lectures, exhibits and art sales. Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned crafter, we welcome you to join us!

PLEASE NOTE: Studio Orientations are required for individual access to ceramics, jewelry/glass art, woodworking and surfboard shaping studios. They are offered quarterly and do not replace instruction. New orientations are required if use has lapsed for a year or more. Please refer to the orientation schedule or email us at

Celebrate Surf at UC San Diego!

Join us for a virtual experience at the new Craft Center’s surfboard shaping studio. Featuring a live webinar and virtual tour of the surfboard shaping studio, come see our new space to design, shape and glass custom surfboards.

Thursday, May 6, 2021
12 p.m. – 1 p.m.

Hosted by

Annika Nelson, Craft Center Manager

Hear from a panel of acclaimed local surfboard shapers:

Valerie Duprat, Mère-Made Surfboards
Eric "Bird" Huffman, Bird's Surf Shed
Brian Szymanski, Ding King Surfboard Repair

Moderated by

Scott Bass, KPBS Surf Reporter

Followed by

Surf Team 50th anniversary celebration and updates
Tyler Callaway, UC San Diego Surf Team Coach
and Q&A panel for all participants


Our Program Offerings!


Develop your creativity through the exploration of clay! We offer a range of classes to assist beginning to advanced students in developing skills, practicing new methods and techniques in pottery, and nurturing creativity and mastery. Our experienced and supportive instructors will help you become better acquainted with the working properties of clay, offering individualized guidance to develop techniques for hand building, throwing, and glazing. Available in our spacious ceramics studio are stoneware and porcelain clays, pottery tool kits, slab roller, pugmill, extruders, 20 wheels, electric bisque kilns, and two high fire (cone 10) kilns. Studio access is available for former or advanced students.


Our unique program in jewelry design and fabrication maximizes an exceptionally well-equipped jewelry studio to appeal to the beginning student as well as to the professional jeweler. Our program enables beginners with no previous hand tool experience to design and create original professional-quality jewelry in silver or gold, as well as in non-precious metals. Additionally, it offers opportunities for more advanced students to learn new techniques and explore different materials from instructors with diverse professional backgrounds. Classes and workshops focus on basic fabrication, wire jewelry, mold making, and electro-plating as well as lost cast waxing. Studio access is available for former or advanced students to work independently.


Expand your ability to explore form and function by learning how to make things out of wood! Our woodworking program focuses on small projects/kit work to maximize opportunities for beginning students to safely learn their way around the tools and equipment in a woodshop. Supportive and experienced instructors cover properties of wood, safe use of machinery and teach techniques on table saw, band saw, miter saw, drill press, drum/disc sanders, planer and jointer. Studio access is available for former or advanced students to work independently.

Lampwork Glass

Explore the magic of manipulating hot glass with a torch! This program includes learning the basics of working with borosilicate or hard glass as well as the process of working with Italian “soft” glass using oxygen and gas torch. Instruction includes an introduction to the history of the craft. Students will make several glass objects including pendants, beads, marbles or similar solid objects. Studio access is available for former or advanced students.


Learn the art and craft of weaving, decorating or dying textiles. The warp and weft of your world will never look the same again. Classes and workshops cover a variety of topics including natural dye, weaving, embroidery, fancy stitching, silkscreening and more. Offerings change regularly so there’s always something new for you to try out!

Mixed Media

Explore a rich variety of craft methods and media through workshops and classes that include everything from macrame, printmaking (block print and silkscreen), book design, mosaics, collage and decoupage! We’ll also offer classes and shorter workshops in soap making, candle making and more! Offerings change regularly so there’s always something new for you to try out!

Surfboard Shaping

Learn the exciting craft of surfboard shaping! Under the supportive guidance of an experienced shaper, you will go through the step-by-step process of transforming a foam blank into a surfboard you can ride! Classes includes an orientation to the shaping and sanding bays as well as the glassing room, demonstrations on how to safely and effectively use the tools and materials, and instruction on key design elements that are essential for crafting a board you are stoked on. Absolute beginners to more advanced shapers are welcome to participate in this hands-on program and make the most of the expertise of our shaper-instructors and of our amazing shaping facility equipped with all the tools and materials you need. Shaping bay and glassing studio access is available for former or advanced students to work independently.

Culinary Arts

Sink your teeth into a variety of food preparation techniques and learn from experienced culinary artists how to make the most of fresh fruits and vegetables, ferment produce for pickled treats or tasty beverages or how to bake mouth-watering desserts and decorate them so they are stunning!

Studio Use Passes

We offer studio passes for qualified students to use professional equipment in our ceramics, jewelry/glass art, woodworking, and surfboard shaping studios. Equipment and procedures such as fume and dust collection systems have been put in place to protect our visitor’s health and safety.

You can purchase a quarter pass or day pass to make use of the facilities for personal projects when classes are not in session. These passes require an orientation or a certification for a particular studio.